Natural Horsemanship Clinics with Tim Hayes

Natural horsemanship clinician & author, Tim Hayes teaching at The Center For America's First Horse in Johnson, Vermont. Photographed and video created by Mary Anne Machis.

Natural horsemanship teaches us how to:

  • Develop a great relationship
  • Communicate without force
  • Know your horses state of mind
  • Problem solving & groundwork
  • Become your horses leader
  • For beginners to advanced
  • For English and Western
  • For all disciplines

Tim’s program for all clinics or private sessions at your location include:

Principles of Natural Horsemanship

  • How to communicate in their language
  • Transferring natural communication from the ground to riding
  • Building confidence and problem solving on the ground
  • Gentleness vs. Firmness- which one, how much and when?
  • How humans read horses, how horses read humans
  • Domination vs. Intimidation
  • Force, the horses enemy
  • Tools and Phases
  • The round pen


  • The only technique that needs to be perfect 100% of the time
  • Horseplay and groundwork that establishes love, trust and respect
  • Getting hurt from gentle horses
  • Loving humans and loving horses-the right and wrong way for both

Natural Riding Skills

  • Focus, Feel, Timing and Balance
  • Natural saddling skills
  • How to execute an emergency stop
  • The natural principals and methods of Go/Whoa/Turn/Back
  • A program for the future

Herd Dynamics

  • Pecking Order
  • Leadership
  • Horse time vs. human time
  • Horse fear vs. human fear
  • Desensitization
  • Advance and retreat

Attitude Awareness

  • Anger, Assertiveness, Frustration, Patience, Acceptance, Dominance
  • Five super human senses of horses
  • Petting places
  • Vulnerable places
  • Blind spots
  • The four reasons a horse says NO
  • The two mental lists horses make and never forget
  • Right brain vs. Left brain
  • Adrenaline vs. Endorphins


Tim’s Clinics & Private Sessions are available in all 50 United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico.

Tim teaches and is regularly available in: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

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