Friends of Tom Dorrance Benefit 2001

In February 2001, friends of legendary horseman the late Tom Dorrance gathered in Fort Worth, Texas at the Will Roger's Memorial Arena. Tom's friend and number one disciple the legendary late Ray Hunt had invited 100 horseman and teachers of Natural Horsemanship from all over the USA. For two days in front of over 1000 members of America's horse community, these gifted and respected horseman demonstrated their skills in Horsemanship and Colt Starting. Tim Hayes was honored to have been one of the 100 invited by Ray Hunt to participate and express his gratitude and appreciation to his teacher and friend Tom Dorrance the man responsible for reintroducing Natural Horsemanship to 21st Century America.



Alice Trindle, Oregon
Amy Brown LeSatz
Barry Cox, Oregon
Ben Qunters, Montana
Bert Elstob, New Zealand
Bill Black, Indiana
Bill Ortamond, California
Bill Riggins, New Mexico
Bill Smith, Wyoming
Bill VanNorman, Nevada
Blake Schlosser, Canada
Bob Blackwell, Montana
Brad Cameron, Montana
Bryan Neubert, California
Buck Brannaman, Wyoming
Buster McLaury, Texas
Caroline Hardman, California
Chris Cox, Texas
Craig Cameron, Texas
Curt Pate, Montana
Dave Seay, North Carolina
David Brown, Minnesota
Deb Bennett, California
Dennis Reis, California
Doug Jordan, Texas
Fred Allen, North Carolina
Gail Ivey, California
Gary Ford, West Virginia    
Greg Eliel, Washington
Harry Whitney, Arizona    
Jack Young, Nevada
Jerri Munns, Indiana
Joe Wolter, Texas
Joel Elliot, Wyoming


John Balkenbush, Montana
Johnny Clark, Washington
Karen Parelli-Hagen, California
Ken Dromgool, New Zealand
Larry Mahan, Colorado
Lee Smith, Arizona
Mark Rashid, Arizona
Michael Richardson, Texas
Mike Armstrong, Virginia
Mike Bridges, California
Mike Sears, Canada
Oscar Thompson, California
Pat Parelli, Colorado
Patrick Hooks, Ohio
Patti Haddon, Colorado
Paul Dietz, Arizona
Peter Campbell, Canada
Phil Anthony, Wyoming
Randi Leighton, California
Ray Berta, California
Richard Thompson, Canada
Richard Winters, California
Rick Cornwell, Iowa
Robert King, Arizona
Ron Willis, Arizona
Roy Cooper, Oklahoma
Russell Reid, California
Sid Cook, Canada
Steve Rother, Oregon
Timothy Hayes, New York
Tom Curtin, Florida
Trudi Exton, California
Ty Heth, Montana
Win Wolcott, California