Equine Therapy Clinics

Based on RIDING HOME-The Power of Horses to Heal by Tim Hayes

Excellent for All Equine Therapy Providers, EAL, EAP, EFP, EAT, Instructors, Support and Administrative Staff, Social Service Workers, Parents and Mental Health Professionals Working with PTSD, Violent, Sexual, Divorce and Childhood Traumas, Addiction, Autism, At Risk Youth, War Veterans and anyone interested in Horses, Humans & Healing

1-Day Equine Therapy Clinic


— Horses Will Be Provided to All Participants —

Clinic program will cover:

  1. BODY LANGUAGE - How Horses Read Humans – How Humans Read Horses

  2. EMOTIONS - Experience the Horse with you as the Client or Patient

  3. ATTITUDES – Anger, Assertiveness, Frustration, Shame, Patience, Fear

  4. BREAKTHROUGHS – Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Emotional Wounds

  5. HUMAN COPING SKILLS – True Self vs. False Self, Ineffective Tools from Childhood

  6. EQUINE COPING SKILLS – Hyper-Vigilance, Herd Dynamics

  7. GROUNDWORK EXERCISES - That Establish Love, Trust and Respect.


  9. GENTLENESS vs. FIRMNESS – Which One, How Much and When

  10. KNOW YOUR HORSES STATE OF MIND – Develop More Compassion

It is by interacting with their horse that Participants will both learn, execute and experience the 10 above listed topics of the Equine Therapy Clinic Program, what it feels like to be an Equine Therapy Client, and gain significant new awareness about themselves in the process. In order to establish their relationship with a horse, Clinic Participants will be asked to perform simple basic equine ground skills most often referred to as “Groundwork”. Each participant will have a haltered horse on the ground with a lead rope. They will be asked to interact with their horse including asking the horse to walk, back up, turn and stop to name a few.

1–Day Clinic Costs & Fees



MAXIMUM OF 12 participants per clinic – HOST WILL PROVIDE 4 HORSES

MINIMUM OF 8 participants per clinic - HOST WILL PROVIDE 4 HORSES

Clinic fee: $250 per participant – Participant fees go to Tim Hayes

Audit fees: $25 per person – All auditor fees go to Clinic Host.

Clinic Expenses


Travel & Per Diem expenses will be either added to participant fees or paid by host. Expenses will vary based on location of clinic. Air Fare additional where applicable.

For Benefit Fundraising Clinics travel and hotel expenses which are normally provided by the Clinic host will be paid for by Tim Hayes.

All Clinics Must be held in an Indoor Arena.

For Benefit Fundraising Clinics, if requested I will donate extra time at the end of the day to give a 1- hour Equine Therapy Talk, Book Signing and Q & A entitled: “How & Why Horses Heal Humans and Help Us All Become Better People”

A $20 (or more) admission fee per person will go to the Clinic Host.



Tim’s Clinics are available in all 50 United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico.

Tim teaches and is regularly available in: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. 

Hosting a Clinic


To host a Clinic please contact Tim Hayes at 917-816-4662 or tim@hayesisforhorses.com.

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To see Tim’s book, go to RidingHome.com