Natural Horsemanship Clinics with Tim Hayes

Natural horsemanship clinician & author, Tim Hayes teaching at The Center For America's First Horse in Johnson, Vermont. Photographed and video created by Mary Anne Machis.

Natural horsemanship teaches us how to:

  • Develop a great relationship

  • Communicate without force

  • Know your horses state of mind

  • Problem solving & groundwork

  • Become your horses leader

  • For beginners to advanced

  • For English and Western

  • For all disciplines

Tim’s program for all clinics at your location include:

Principles of Natural Horsemanship

  • How to communicate in their language

  • Transferring natural communication from the ground to riding

  • Building confidence and problem solving on the ground

  • Gentleness vs. Firmness- which one, how much and when?

  • How humans read horses, how horses read humans

  • Domination vs. Intimidation

  • Force, the horses enemy

  • Tools and Phases

  • The round pen


  • The only technique that needs to be perfect 100% of the time

  • Horseplay and groundwork that establishes love, trust and respect

  • Getting hurt from gentle horses

  • Loving humans and loving horses-the right and wrong way for both

Natural Riding Skills

  • Focus, Feel, Timing and Balance

  • Natural saddling skills

  • How to execute an emergency stop

  • The natural principals and methods of Go/Whoa/Turn/Back

  • A program for the future

Herd Dynamics

  • Pecking Order

  • Leadership

  • Horse time vs. human time

  • Horse fear vs. human fear

  • Desensitization

  • Advance and retreat

Attitude Awareness

  • Anger, Assertiveness, Frustration, Patience, Acceptance, Dominance

  • Five super human senses of horses

  • Petting places

  • Vulnerable places

  • Blind spots

  • The four reasons a horse says NO

  • The two mental lists horses make and never forget

  • Right brain vs. Left brain

  • Adrenaline vs. Endorphins

Solutions to the following problems



Tim’s Clinics are available in all 50 United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico.

Tim teaches and is regularly available in: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Hosting a Clinic


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